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Local Loves - Les Couilles Du Chien

Welcome to Local Loves! A feature I wanted to create to champion other independent businesses in our beautiful part of London.

Originally from south-east London, I remember visiting Notting Hill as a child and being in awe of all the stunning architecture, leafy parks and bustling lives of the people who lived here.

Nowadays, I've come to know the area well and have my favourite places to frequent (usually far away from all the noise and tourists looking to find the Notting Hill 'blue door' or bookshop from the film!). 

Our neighbourhood is vibrant, colourful, quirky and a true mix of culture, history and the arts. I want to celebrate this and let you in on some of the area's best spots to visit.

First up, we're meeting Jerome - owner of Les Cuilles du Chien on Golborne Road. This shop caught my eye early on when I moved to the area. With its interesting shop front displaying beautiful butterfly frames and all sorts of fascinating objects, I really wanted to know more about the story behind the brand.


Les Couilles du Chien Windows display


Hello! What’s your name, and what’s your role at the store?

My name is Jerome Dodd and I am the owner of Les Couilles du Chien .


Tell us about your store. Where did the idea for it first come from, and when did you arrive on Golborne Road?

We opened the shop in 1994. I wanted to open a business selling unusual and unique items for the home. Living locally, I wanted to be on Golborne Road as I loved its amazing energy. When the lease came up for the shop I jumped at it. Everybody thought I had gone mad as Golborne Road was a very different place to what it is today. I believed in its authenticity and 26 years on we are still here.


Les Cuilles du Chien lighting


What are your bestselling or favourite products that you sell?

I try not to have favourites. I buy what I like and I try and change our stock constantly. However, we are known for lighting and unique pieces along with our framed insects which we produce in our own workshop.


What would be the most ‘curious’ of your curiosities?

Some of our framed insects are not only amazing but beyond curious.


Les Cuilles du Chien Butterflies


The name of your store is a little amusing, what was the inspiration behind it?

When looking at our stock ‘the dog's bollocks’ sprang to mind, but we felt it was not quite right, so, being French we translated it to French. The best bit about our name is that in French it does not have the connotation of the English expression - only its literal meaning so French tourists are often a little confused!


What’s the best part of being located on Golborne Road? You must meet lots of interesting people?

It is easy to forget in our crazy world that essentially we live in what is a kind and intergrated multicultural society and for me Golborne Road is the best expression of this.


Is there anything about your store that we might not know if we go in just for a browse?

It used to be a bakery set up by German immigrants fleeing Nazi Germany.


Any other bits you’d like to tell us?

Just come and visit us!


You can visit Jerome and his store at 65 Golborne Road, London, W10 5NP 10am - 5pm every day excluding Sundays.