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Making the most of Autumn

Glorious autumn is out in full colour and if, like me, you look forward to this time all year, then you'll want to embrace it as much as possible, and not let it pass you by.

Every autumn I like to form a little mental check list of slower rituals to be completed during this season. Not only do they make me feel wonderful, but they help prepare the mind for clock-changing, longer nights and darker mornings, and ease us in nicely into festivities later on.

Feel free to use ours as your autumn template, or dip in and out of a few as you wish:

Go for a woodland walk
Get outside with your welly boots and head to your nearest woodlands. Appreciate the smells and colours that greet you at arrival. The leaves are crunchy underfoot, and bright in colours of orange, rusty browns and brilliant magentas. Take in the golden glow of the sun a little lower in the sky, and to make it extra cosy, bring along a thermos of coffee to warm you up on those chillier days.

Light some candles
As the nights draw in, gather your candles from the previous year (or treat yourself to some new ones) and light a few around your window sills to create a wonderfully cosy ambiance.

Make some sloe gin / vodka
Now is the time for foraging so grab a big Tupperware and head out to your nearest hedgerow. Sloes are ready for picking now but if you've not had a frost yet, pop them in your freezer overnight before adding your sugar and chosen alcohol. Done now, it should be ready to decant in time to enjoy at Christmas.

Gather a dried flower or leaf selection for decorations
Autumn is the ideal time for a bit of decorations and as everything is nice and dry already, there's no need to dry anything yourself! Gather your favourite plants or flowers and pop them in a vase to create a beautiful everlasting display for your home.

Make an autumn wreath
Similar to the above, but in wreath form! If you have some hazel you can wind into a circle, they make perfect wreath bases, if not, there's a plethora of ones available for purchase. Add in your chosen plants and leaves and hang on your door to enjoy every time you come home.

Carve some pumpkins
This one is an obvious one, but important to note that this is not just for kids! It's such a nostalgic activity to perform on the closest weekend to Halloween. We like to buy a few in different colours as well that we leave un-carved, to decorate around the front door.

Go to bed early with a book
Use the darker evenings as an excuse to snuggle up with a book and extra points if you can make a hot drink too.

Support your local fireworks display
A wonderful activity for November and a good excuse to catch up with friends too. And who doesn't love a bonfire?

Make a butternut risotto
It's so autumnal and comforting and cosy. I need say no more.

Gather your favourite knitwear
Tis the season for snuggly knit jumpers and gloves and scarves and hats and socks and wearing them all at once is a joy like no other.


You an also find our 'Autumn Glow' card for purchase, which celebrates all these cosy bits of the season as well.

Happy Autumn-ing!

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