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The idea behind London Letters is simple: to create stylish and sustainable stationery that encourages you to write more.

London Letters is a petite stationery atelier, pen pal society and calligraphy studio run by myself, Jennifer Bishop (hi!). The studio is based at my home in west London. I like tea, red wine and cats and spend way too much money on candles.

Letter writing is a hobby instilled in me from a young age. After every birthday and Christmas, I would be tasked by my parents to make a list of who to write to to say thank you for a present I had received. Initially reluctant to spend any more time than necessary at my desk, once I got started I found I quite enjoyed the process. Formatting the letter neatly and then adding my own personal touch to the envelope, it soon became something I'd look forward to doing. Knowing how pleased my recipient would be made the activity even more humbling.

This spiralled into a need to have new stationery sets every year to dazzle my recipients. I'd love going to stationers to pick out new writing materials or pencil cases and it's something that has stayed with me to this day. I can never resist the lure of a new pen or notebook.

I love how slowing down to write feels like the perfect antidote to the fast-paced instant messages we usually receive from one another. Receiving mail is a rare pleasure and something I want to encourage more of us to do.

After training as a calligrapher and working at a stationery and wedding studio for several years, I felt there was potential for me to develop my own pieces and create things that I find beautiful.

And so, London Letters was born.

We run a lovely community of penpals, illustrate and design unique and stylish stationery pieces using our beautifully ornate foil machine, have a Paper Club subscription as well as our own range of personalised stationery. All items are stamped by hand using sustainably sourced papers.

Four times a year a seasonal collection of two new paper colours and two new foil colours are introduced to the personalised stationery range. Inspired by a love of nature and vivid colour, each colour can be mixed + matched to create a beautiful addition to your writing ephemera. 10% of net profits from this range are donated to the National Trust to support their environmental work.

I have over seven years of calligraphy experience and have worked with brands from high-end retail to luxury concierge companies and individuals looking to create something beautiful.

I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at or follow @thelondonletters on Instagram, or sign up to our newsletter for regular updates from the studio.

Yours in letters,

Jennifer x