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Cards for Hard Times

It's a pleasure for me to introduce our newest collection of greeting cards to the website - cards for hard times. This collection has come from my heart, and I'm so hopeful it will resonate with a lot of people - not only those experiencing a hard time, but for those who know someone that is.

we'll get through this together greeting card for mental health support and hard times

What do you say to someone dealing with an ongoing issue, or health condition that won't get better, that dips in and out of positive and negative times? Or someone you want to support, but a simple 'good luck' or 'get well soon' just won't cut it? It's often difficult to articulate what we want to say to someone we know is struggling. It can be even harder when that person is especially close to us. Conversations are so important, but the written word can carry the weight of your sentiment with so much more power than we could ever hope for by spoken word.

During a recent unexpected hospital stay during a flare up of my own autoimmune condition, I came up with the idea for this collection. I hope they will bring some sunshine to your rainier days, or become a lovely piece to reflect back upon, when things feel much brighter. 

You'll find the full collection here to explore, as well as our usual range of greeting cards.

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