Dear Father Christmas, 1898

Today marks the final day for Royal Mail's 'Letters to Santa' campaign where children across the U.K. are invited to write to Father Christmas, and have him respond. It's a mission our wonderful postal service takes on each year to delight and add some magic to festivities.

Whilst doing a little Christmas reading of my own this year, I discovered the following story of what might be the oldest letter to Father Christmas ever found, fell in love and knew I needed to share it.

Dating back to Victorian England on December 2nd 1898, Marjorie, aged 5, writes a letter to Father Christmas.

Dating back to Victorian England - December 2nd, 1898, from a little girl named Marjorie, who is believed to have posted it from Eastbourne, and discovered over 120 years later, in a charity shop in Canterbury. It sums up what Christmas should be about. Perfectly encapsulating the magic of festivities, and the unfailing belief of children.

Marjorie, aged 5, writes:

"Dear Father Christmas,

When you come to see us on Christmas Eve will you please bring us some little toy ducks and chickens for a present, also a canvas stocking like you brought us last year. You will see an extra stocking hanging up this time, it is for KittyKins, she would like a piece of ribbon and a ball in hers.

With love and kisses from us both,

Your Loving Marjorie."


The letter was discovered by the father of shop assistant Lily Birchall, and went on display at toy shop Whirligig Toys in Canterbury.

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