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Getting Creative with Autumn Leaves

Cosy season is here and I couldn't be happier about it.

From the misty mornings, cooler days, crunchy autumn walks, oversized cosy knit jumpers, warming hot chocolates, tea light candles and crackling fires, to the fresh smell of the seasons changing in the air, it is without doubt my favourite season and I embrace it as much as possible, for all too quickly it will depart to make way for winter.

Each year, in an attempt to extend the cosy autumn feel for a little longer, and just as the leaves are turning colour, I select a variety of perfectly formed, brightly coloured fallen ones to decorate the house and preserve into the year ahead.

London Letters getting creative with autumn leaves - oak leaf

This year, I found these miniature antique brass frames, and fell in love, and they instantly became my inspiration for this year's autumn leaf collection.

To get started with yours, head out to your garden, or local park, or use it as an opportunity to go for a walk in the countryside and find some trees that are turning colour. My favourites to look for are oak, maple, ash or rowan. You'll find that they're all changing colour at slightly different paces, which is perfect, because you'll want your creations to reflect the season and be as colourful as possible.

London Letters getting creative with autumn leaves - maple leaf

Scour the woodland floor for fallen leaves that are still in a perfectly untouched condition. For this particular creation, I was looking for smaller leaves that I knew would fit into the miniature frames without me having to adjust or damage them. Be careful to check your leaves for any insects that might be using them for protection, and then place them flat into some kitchen roll (they'll likely be a little wet with dew, so it's best not to put them directly into your bag or pocket) and make sure they stay flat until you reach home.

London Letters getting creative with autumn leaves

Once you're home, just place them into your flower press or a heavyweight book alongside some blotting paper and leave for around 10 days - 2 weeks to flatten completely. Once complete, remove them and place into your frames.

London Letters dried and pressed autumn leaves into miniature brass frames step by step guide 

I'm hanging mine from coat hooks in our utility room and doorhandles, but they'd also look lovely saved for a Christmas tree as well.

London Letters pressed and dried autumn leaves for home decor

Happy autumn!

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