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How to correctly format a formal letter in 8 simple steps

Letter writing is at the heart of everything we do here at London Letters. From love letters, to postcards, to little notes of greetings, to longer letters and everything in between, the art of correspondence is something we’re forever championing in an ever increasingly digital age.

And whilst we tend to favour the more informal style of writing, there’s still so much to be said about a formal letter and its ability to emphasise a point more so than any email could ever hope to achieve. But do we all know how to correctly format one anymore?

Follow our guide below to easily format your letters correctly, and enjoy familiarising yourself with this style of writing – and in the process, help rescue it from dying out!

London Letters - how to correctly format a formal letter

What you’ll need:

    Step One

    Take your chosen piece of paper and lay it out in front of you


    Step Two

    Taking your ruler or Address Guide and pencil, go to the top right-hand corner of your page and line up enough space to write your full name, address, and leaving another line blank for today’s date


    Step Three

    In the line underneath today’s date, go to the left-hand side of your page and draw your lines for your recipient’s full name and address


    Step Four

    Leave two lines empty beneath your recipient’s address, and then begin your letter with ‘Dear’ or ‘To whom it may concern’


    Steph Five

    Once you’re happy with the layout, write in all the names, addresses and date as well as the contents of your letter in pen (you could also pencil in some lines for writing your letter too, to ensure it’s neat and doesn’t go wonky as you write!)


    Step Six

    End your letter with ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Regards’ 


    Step Seven

    Sign your signature, and then your name beneath in legible handwriting


    Step Eight

    Wait for your ink to dry and erase your pencil lines and voilà! A perfectly formatted formal letter!

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