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Letter Writing Prompt - Books

Each month we share a letter writing prompt to encourage you to put pen to paper more often.

A little suggestion of what you could write about, to get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing mindful moment of writing.


This month saw us celebrate World Book Day, and so your letter writing prompt, naturally, is books!

Like a lot of slower hobbies, reading is something we rarely allow ourselves the pleasure of doing. There’s always something else higher up on the agenda or more pressing that needs acting on, and so snuggling up with a book can often be left behind and forgotten about in the spirit of being productive. But it is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and so I encourage you to act upon this day (/month) accordingly, and start that book that’s been sitting unopened on your bedside table, or delve into an old classic, or head out to your local library and select a new book at random and see how it surprises you.

A few tips for writing this month; why not write a note to a friend and attach it to a book you read that you think they might enjoy, and post it off to them? Or write down some themes for a story you’d like to write yourself one day and send it to someone you think might be able to give you some pointers? Or perhaps you could simply send a card to a fellow bookworm and celebrate this day with your friend - talk about your favourite books, a new discovery, or an old classic you continue to return to for comfort.

Happy reading!

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