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Letter Writing Prompt - Easter

Each month we share a letter writing prompt to encourage you to put pen to paper more often.

A little suggestion of what you could write about, to get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing mindful moment of writing.


Spring is a welcome tonic for the senses after the long winter months. The fresh air has a new perfume, there are hints of blossom, glimmers of greenery, and shimmers of sunshine. And this month, we’re also treated to an early Easter.

Whether we celebrate Easter or not, there are values of the holiday that we can apply to our lives, if we choose to see them. A sense of a new beginning, whether that might mean a fresh start on a project from a to do list, a good spring clean of the house, planting fruits and vegetables to enjoy at a later time in the year, and of course, the importance of coming together with family and friends.

Easter lends itself to creativity, and if you have little ones in your life, the possibilities with pen and paper are endless. Perhaps you could create an Easter trail and write clues to place along the way, or send out some Easter cards to loved ones you won’t see this year, due to distance or other commitments? Or maybe you write a letter to your local community centre or hospital, and ask if you could donate any Easter eggs to the more vulnerable in your area, or volunteer your time to distribute them?

And of course, where there is celebration, there is chocolate and hot cross buns to be scoffed. A very Happy Easter to you.

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