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Letter Writing Prompt - Flowers

Each month we share a letter writing prompt to encourage you to put pen to paper more often.

A little suggestion of what you could write about, to get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing mindful moment of writing.


With Spring now well underway, and any worries or stresses feeling a little more manageable with the sun shining over them, we can start to make the most of this beautiful season. Spring is the season for new beginnings, new life, and most visibly, new blooms.

Throughout our history flowers have been held in high regard by us humans. The Greeks and Romans would associate flowers with love and beauty, and the Ancient Egyptians would use them to decorate temples and palaces. Their prominence in art, literature and religion has maintained their importance throughout the years, and today, we make use of their innate ability to lift our moods for birthdays, condolences, weddings, funerals and all kinds of significant moments. 

This month, why not make the most of the flora around you, and work them into your letter writing? You could press some flowers to decorate a card with, or fill the envelope of your letter with some dried petals. You could draw your favourite flower and send to a loved one whose day might need brightening, or maybe you could add a card to a bunch of flowers you picked for someone’s birthday or anniversary. Or perhaps there’s a particular flower that always brings back a happy memory for you, either from its colour or from its scent, that you could fill your home with and write a note to yourself about what’s so special about them.

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