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Letter Writing Prompt - Love

Each month we share a letter writing prompt to encourage you to put pen to paper more often.

A little suggestion of what you could write about, to get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing mindful moment of writing.


February arrives alongside a gentle hint of spring. A sprinkle of sunshine, and a few daffodils scattering the lawn. Up in the treetops, a little cheery birdsong greets us each morning - a sign that love is in the air.

Love is our strongest emotion. It can increase our feelings of self-worth, compassion, empathy and generosity, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. The beauty of love, is that we have no limit to how much we can extend. And not just in the gushy sense that Valentine’s Day would like to impose upon us. Love is in the small, everyday moments. A cup of tea brought to you in bed, cooking a loved one’s favourite meal, writing a love note to hide about the house to be found at an unexpected moment, volunteering your time to support those in need in your community, or writing down all the reasons you love someone and posting it off to them to surprise them.

Love can be found everywhere. It’s there for our friends, our neighbours, our communities, our parents, our children, our teachers, our carers, our partners and more. To feel love, and to be loved, is an honour not granted to everyone. And so if you have it, hold it close, and celebrate it as much as you can.

Happy writing!

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