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Letter Writing Prompt - Spring

Each month we share a letter writing prompt to encourage you to put pen to paper more often.

A little suggestion of what you could write about, to get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to enjoy a relaxing mindful moment of writing.

A seasonal shift is in the air. The bees are buzzing, the sun is shining and the scent of freshly cut grass wafts through the neighbourhood. A new season has arrived, and as it lifts our mood, it brings with it a sense of hope for what’s to come.

Whether that be waking up with the morning chorus, or alfresco dining in the garden, bluebells and tulips in full bloom, garden flowers on the kitchen table, spring cleans or simply a new, fresh outlook on the year ahead – Spring is a season to be welcomed and celebrated.

Perhaps you could write to a friend or loved one that loves this season as much as you do, and make a note of all the beautiful changes you’ve spotted in your garden or local park? Or send a card to someone that’s not been feeling themselves, and might need some gentle reminding of the natural beauty around them. Maybe you’ve noticed some environmental changes this year that have directly impacted your garden – have plants bloomed late, or flowers too early? Has the weather affected anything? Why not make a note of it all and write to your local MP, to find out what their position is on climate change and what they’re doing to help?

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