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Listen - 'One Sealed Letter' Podcast

I love podcasts. They're perfect for when you're on the go. I'll often be listening to one whenever I'm on the tube, on a run to the Post Office or blitzing the house with the hoover. My tastes range from the educational 'More or Less', to series such as 'Serial' or 'The Drop Out' to the hilarious 'My Dad Wrote A'.

I've found this past year quite isolating at times. I work from home and spend most of the daytime alone as my partner works at his office. For me, podcasts have really come into their own as a way of helping me to feel less alone and more connected to the world around.

I'm quite a binger when it comes to a new podcast and as such I'm always on the hunt for a new listen. Most recently, when I was building the London Letters brand, I stumbled across the ‘One Sealed Letter’ podcast by Kay Collier. Given that it seemed rather fitting, I gave it a try. 

After one episode I was pretty hooked. Letter writing isn't a hobby I have in common with a lot of people I know, but listening to this podcast felt like a way of sharing this passion with a friend. If you’re interested in writing then it really is a must listen. Kay discusses letter writing from all different aspects, from the history of wax sealing envelopes, to calligraphy, to Royal letters, and my favourite episode: Letters from the Titanic. 

She shares writing tips that helped me build upon my own letter writing skills, as well as gain an interesting knowledge on this lovely pastime. Kay is an engaging narrator and her passion for letter writing is obvious and infectious. I've loved every episode so far.

If you're part of our Pen Pal and Letter Writing Society, then I'm sure you'll especially enjoy it. It'll give you inspiration for your next letter as well as a new topic to write about.

You can find it by searching ‘One Sealed Letter’ on your podcast store.