Stationery Addict - Traveler's Company Brass Ruler

'Stationery Addict' is our opportunity to put the spotlight on our product of the month, tell you a little more detail about it, as well as the process behind bringing it to life on the website.

This month, we're shining the light on the stylish brass ruler from Japanese stationery makers Traveler's Company

London Letters brass ruler from Traveler's Company Japanese stationery makers

For years I've loved the Traveler's Company brand for their exquisite Japanese craftsmanship, quality and irresistible style. With its luxurious weight, this ruler makes a perfect addition to any stationery lover's desk.

Precision-crafted in brass with centimetres and millimetres pressed into the frame. One side of the ruler is tilted to make carrying and drawing lines easy with fountain and water-based pens. It's such an irresistible tool for everyday use.

Furthermore, the ruler is made to last a lifetime. You'll find that as you use it, your new tool will adapt to your movement and the brass will start to oxidise, developing a beautiful matte patina on its surface and creating a lovely vintage-y look.

You'll also find a ballpoint and fountain pen in this collection too - perfect as a gift for any stationery addict (like yourself, for example).

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