Stationery Addict - White Ink Ballpoint Pens

'Stationery Addict' is our opportunity to put the spotlight on our product of the month, tell you a little more detail about it, as well as the process behind bringing it to life on the website.

This month, we're shining the light on our new white ink ballpoint pens.

London Letters white ink ballpoint pen

As a calligrapher, the quest to find a solid coloured white ink is a never ending journey! It's so hard to find one that isn't opaque and leaves you going back over your lettering two or three times to ensure it stands out. Until now!

I bought these pens in on a whim, unsure of how their quality would be, for our October Halloween theme Paper Club box - the box included some black cards and I wanted our subscribers to be able to write on them, so I took a chance and purchased a small amount to test.

From the moment I put pen to paper, I knew these were a winner! The ink flows smoothly and without having to shake, squeeze or wet the nib. The ink is thick and solid, as well as quick drying, and leaves you with a beautifully bright white finish. It's perfect for Halloween drawings and illustrations, handwriting or calligraphy, and the closer we get to Christmas, the more excited I am to use them for writing my Christmas cards.

Get creative this month and give these pens a try! You'll also find some plain black DIY cards that pair perfectly with them - ideal for a Halloween greeting card or creating some invitations to a ghoulish get together.

Happy writing!

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