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Our Guide to the Best Stationery Shops in Paris

Two weeks ago I awoke bright and early, passport in hand, and hopped on the train for a fleeting visit to Paris. Hoping to uncover some hidden stationery gems, the city did not disappoint. Paris has a wealth of beautiful, boutique-style papeteries, all within walking distance from Gare du Nord.

Navigating by foot through the city on a beautifully sunny July day, enjoying the rhythm and buzz of Montmartre, through to the bustling cobbled streets of Le Marais and beyond, here are my top picks from this city of stationery heaven.



L'ecritoire stationery store Paris - London Letters top picks

23 Pass. Molière, 75003

I'll start with my favourite. L'Ecritoire is nestled just around the corner from the Centre Pompidou, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists and restaurants, located in a quiet little alleyway. It's been my favourite stationery store for a while now, and this trip was my second time visiting. Expect to find adorably illustrated notecard sets, greeting cards and bookmarks as well as ornately crafted wax seals, shimmery calligraphy inks and dreamy scribbled handwriting everywhere that will inspire you to pair back your writing and embrace imperfection. A must visit. 



Mélodies Graphiques stationery store Paris - London Letters top picks

10 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004

Not to be dramatic, but from the moment you spot this store in the distance, it will blow you away. Mélodies Graphiques is without a doubt the most beautiful store I visited, from the moment you enter you're overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of beautifully displayed stationery and unsure of where to look first. Stunningly set out in an ornate store with a creaky staircase adorned in quaint floral wallpapers and beautifully addressed fan mail proudly presented on top, with stationery crammed into every available space. You'll find vintage papers, brass bookmarks, wax seals and pastel wax sticks, notebooks and so much more. Expect to come away with an empty wallet.



Calligrane stationery store Paris - London Letters top picks

6 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004

Just wander a few steps along from Mélodies Graphiques and you'll find Calligrane, a handmade Japanese stationery and leather goods store, where paper takes the form of art. The style is a paired back, neutral aesthetic with a focus on excellence and quality. Expect to find gorgeous leather-bound notebooks, handmade papers and delicately textured sheets nestled inside a calming ambiance.



BHV stationery store Paris - London Letters top picks

52 Rue de Rivoli, 75004

I'll admit I was initially reluctant to visit BHV Le Marais as I wanted to focus more on independent stores, but after hearing so many good things about their selection, curiosity got the better of me and I ventured inside to see what was on offer. As soon as I arrived, I knew I'd made the right decision. Situated on the 2nd floor of this elaborate department store is the stationery shop, and it's easily the biggest collection of perfect stationery I've ever seen in one place. Beautiful Japanese stationery as far as the eye can see adjacent to classic French style notebooks, luxury pen makers, washi tapes, paper supplies, art supplies, envelopes, greeting cards and more. A stationery lover's dream and so worth spending some time there.



Buci News stationery store Paris - London Letters top picks

4 Rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006

Last but not least - impossible to miss with its brightly coloured banana-yellow store front and miniature hot air balloons window display, Buci News sells a combination of art supplies, calligraphy papers, pens & pencils and souvenirs, as well as its day job as a newsagents. Located just aside of a pedestrianised street buzzing with restaurants and bars, it's a fun store to visit and rummage through their shelves.


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